Benefits of having an urban garden

Agenthia 16/08/2019

Over the years, society has lost a lot of contact with nature. The majority of us live in the city, where there’s barely interaction with it. A lot of us would like to be able to live in less urban environments, but this is quite difficult since often there are more disadvantages than advantages in having this lifestyle. 

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What to have in mind when searching for a student's apartment

Agenthia 02/08/2019

A new school year is about to start and thousands of new students are looking for an apartment to share with while studying. Renting a flat is not easy, especially since every year apartment’s prices increase a lot. Nowadays, a small flat in Barcelona can cost an average of 1.000€ per month, a price which very few can afford to pay. This is why today we bring you the different aspects you may need to have in mind when looking for a student’s flat:

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How to save energy in your home

Agenthia 26/07/2019

We often realize that during summer, when it’s very hot outside, or during winter, when there are very few hours with sunlight, we spend a lot more energy than we’d like to. This usually happens because we don’t pay enough attention when controlling what we spend while at home. This is the reason why today, from Agenthia we brought you a few tips on how to save energy in your house during any time of the year:

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