Real estate recycling: what does it consist of?

Agenthia 23/09/2022

Can you imagine living in an old warehouse that has been completely renovated? And in a church? Real estate recycling makes it all possible. It is a trend that is gaining more and more strength in the housing market. It consists of the reconstruction or transformation of spaces, originally industrial or urban, into housing.

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After-sales service: how to do it?

Agenthia 02/09/2022

After-sales service in the real estate sector is sometimes one of the most neglected areas. But this should not be the case. Within the professional ethics of a real estate agent there should always be the accompaniment of those who at some point have been their clients. This does not mean always being there for them, but being there if the client needs your help. The same applies at the beginning and end of the process of buying and selling a property. In today's blog we will talk about some tricks that will improve the relationship with the client and your after-sales service.

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The rise and effectiveness of real estate content marketing

Agenthia 26/08/2022

Do you know the term real estate content marketing? Content marketing consists of creating and distributing content through various channels. Subsequently, sharing this content on social networks, email or other online channels. With this strategy you can keep the client always aware of your updates. How does content marketing apply to the real estate sector?

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