What is the deposit contract?

Agenthia 07/05/2021

The deposit contract is a term that you should know if you are thinking of becoming the owner of a home. So what is it? It is an agreement between a buyer and a seller in which the monetary amount that the buyer must deliver to the seller as a deposit is decided. This agreement is totally private between the two parties.

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Ideas to decorate your garden

Agenthia 30/04/2021

During spring, when the sun begins to offer us more rays of sunshine, we want to spend more time outside home. And, if we have an outdoor space in our home, it is normal that we want to condition it to make it one more room in the house and be able to spend time in it.

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Real Estate terms that you should know

Agenthia 22/04/2021

If you are a homeowner, you are in the process of becoming one, you know someone who is or you simply like topics related to the sale of houses, you have probably heard of some of these terms. But do you know what all of them mean? Let's know its meaning!

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Reasons for making a vegetable patch at home

Agenthia 16/04/2021

The Mediterranean diet stands out for its great variety of good quality vegetable products. And it is that, over the years, people are increasingly aware of the benefits of having a good diet. Due to the great boom that healthy eating is experiencing, many people have decided to choose to plant a garden at home.

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Why buying a new construction house?

Agenthia 09/04/2021

If you are thinking of moving and you do not know whether to rent a house, buy a second hand or buy a new construction, you are in the right place. Normally, real estate companies usually recommend the third option. And why is that? Let's see it.

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