What do we do

AGENTHIA has chosen to specialize in the following areas of real estate:

Commercial management

Advise developers, owners, buyers and tenants in the process of marketing properties, according to your needs. We seek the most appropriate location for the development of the business of our customers.
We exercise brokerage activity in both the sale and the lease of any property, whether new or second hand.
We define the most appropriate marketing strategy for each property.
We perform all the necessary steps to grant the purchase and subsequent steps until the registration in the Land Registry.

Managing leases

Financial management:

Issue and payment of bills.
Preparation and payment of settlements on the 10th of each month.
Income and redemptions of bonds and additional guarantees.
Payment of expenses charged to the settlements.
Revisions and updates of income.
Control default.

administrative management:

Attention and resolution of queries and complaints from tenants and owners.
Safekeeping of documents.
Selection of tenants.
Negotiation and preparation of contracts and any other documents required during the term of the lease until its resolution.
Monitoring of the implementation and execution of the contractual clauses.
Claim extrajudicial defaults.
Accompanying the client in case of trial.
Attendance at launch.
Preparation and signing resolutions of contract and checking the status of the property, allowing assistance if Owner of interest.
Monitoring of employment.
Proposed insurance.
Communication of claims to the insurance agent.
Recruitment and high supplies of the property.
Procedures for transfer of ownership of the supplies.

Maintenance management:

Inspection of the property.
Incident management for repairs, adjustments and actions of ordinary and extraordinary properties.
Request quotes from industry.
Monitoring checks and repairs.
Report corrective and preventive maintenance of the property.