Holiday renting: is it profitable?

Agenthia 19/05/2017

Holiday renting is becoming more popular for all landlords, whom prefer this type of renting instead of long-term renting. Year by year, this kind of renting has been increasing its strength in the real-estate sector, becoming one of the favourite landlords options.

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Make the most of your Loft

Agenthia 12/05/2017

The new concept of housing known as Loft emerged in New York in the 50s, and slowly expanded reaching Europe, where nowadays is a strong trend. This new type of housing with open spaces, almost without divisions, is so wanted for couples and families for its commodity and design.

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6 advises for renting a home

Agenthia 27/04/2017

The future home’s renters must have in mind some recommendations when looking for a home to rent. In most of the times, some details are omitted and this can lead in misunderstandings between the landlord and the tenant. For this reason, is important to take some carefulness before sign a renting contact.

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