Different kind of modalities for leasing an apartment

Agenthia 29/06/2017

Traditionally we have understood the concept that renting an apartment is like paying the lease and having the whole apartment for you, where the person who signs contract is the only one paying all the rent. Even though, the lasts years it has been growing the idea of living in a shared apartment where you can share you’re the place with one or more roommates.

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Is your bathroom small? There is nothing to worry about

Agenthia 16/06/2017

Is your bathroom getting chaotic every morning because of its small size? Imagine when you decide to increase your family members… Definitely you are not going to have enough space to fit all your stuff. But let’s not worry about it; today we are going to talk about some tips of how to make small bathrooms look wider. It will help you in your daily basis and your family living routine.

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Low cost decoration for walls

Agenthia 08/06/2017

Home’s decoration is one of the most important elements to feel comfortable in your own house, but sometimes decoration is too much expensive. Today we will show you some ways to decorate your home’s walls in a low cost and affordable way.

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Advices for finding the best renting flat

Agenthia 02/06/2017

Find a flat in rent is easy; there are lots of available homes for renting. The trouble appears when we want to find a charm, well-located, affordable, modern flat. Those type of houses have high demand, and consequently, it’s not that easy to find them. For all of these reasons, we share with you some advices that might help you to find the perfect flat in rent for you.

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