What is Mid Century Modern?

Agenthia 11/06/2021

Do you know what Mid Century Modern is? It is a decorative style that emerged as a reminiscence of modernism that bets on a futuristic and functional aesthetic. But, before knowing its characteristics, we are going to contextualize this concept a bit to place ourselves in history.

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How to prepare a house for sale?

Agenthia 21/05/2021

If you are thinking about moving and the house you are living in is your property, you will surely have to decide what to do with it. In the event that you decide to sell it, you will have to prepare it for sale itself. And, how is it conditioned? Very easy! We are going to explain some factors that you must take into account to prepare your home for selling.

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"Zen" decoration

Agenthia 14/05/2021

Are you a lover of interior decoration? If the answer is yes, surely you have ever heard about Zen decoration. If not, don't go because we are going to explain it to you next.

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