Are pets welcome on rental flats?

Agenthia 02/03/2018

For many people, pets are another member of the family. The desire to live with them exists both in people who have a property and in those who live for rent. In this second case, owners are often reluctant to allow pets to live in their home. Here is where animals become object of discussion. What should we keep in mind if we find ourselves in this situation?

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Soundproofing a home means to gain in quality of life

Agenthia 16/02/2018

Silence in a home is synonymous of comfort, but not everyone has the privilege of enjoying it. The heels of the neighbour who walks through the upper floor, the music of the local below, the cars that go down the street, the neighbour who plays the piano, the pipes, the elevator ... We are used to noise pollution, but there comes a day when it can become a problem and affect our daily lives and specially our health.

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