What to do in case of squatters

Agenthia 03/05/2019

This is a situation that worries us all when we decided to go on vacation for a while: find our house occupied by squatters.

If this happens, once past 24 hours there is no way for the police to remove the people from the inside without a warrant, and this process takes long from start to finish.

Today we want to give you some tips that you can have in mind if you ever find yourself in this situation:

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Types of mortgages

Agenthia 26/04/2019

Currently choosing a mortgage is quite complicated, since there are different types of mortgages with different characteristics. Knowing all types of mortgages that exist you can make a better choice. Below we explain the different types you can find based on different criteria:

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Tips to take care of wooden floor

Agenthia 19/04/2019

Wooden floor is a material that has become very fashionable in those recent years although it is not a type of easy to care soil. It is a type of floor that brings warmth and elegance in the home, and that is why it is the preferred option for many people, although it requires more care than other materials.

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How to keep your home away from pollen

Agenthia 12/04/2019

Spring is a time of year that most people are looking forward to since the weather is fine, but there are people who suffer from allergies and pollen is a problem for their day to day life. Today we will try to give you some tips to take care of your health in your home this period of time and keep your home away from pollen.

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