How is a home assessed?

Agenthia 07/06/2019

The majority of the population needs to make an appraisal of their home at some point in their lives to know what value it has when buying and applying for a mortgage. It is a process that must be done correctly and must be done by a professional who gives the real and corresponding value of the home.

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Houses of the future

Agenthia 31/05/2019

We all imagine the houses of the future like those of the movies: with strange shapes, large crystals and robots that can control every movement you make and obey everything you ask. But will those houses really be like that in a few years?

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Do you have humidity problems in your community?

Agenthia 24/05/2019

When these types of problems occur, doubts always arise regarding the responsibility when paying the reparation. Who has to take care of that expense? The builder, the architect, the owner or the tenant? While this discussion is taking place, it is always the tenant who suffers the consequences and waits for a belated solution.

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How to make the most of your home’ space

Agenthia 17/05/2019

Sometimes, and specially in homes with smaller spaces, we have no option but trying to make the most of every inch available, without knowing how, we end up with a lot of cluttered and disordered things. Today we will help you with some tips to distribute the space and make the most of those corners that did not have, until now, a solution.

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