What is residential leasing?

Agenthia 10/01/2020

If we are thinking about buying a property, we will usually resort to one of the most traditional methods of financing. This is not always recommended, as sometimes exploring new methods we may find some others that best meet our needs. Today we will talk about an unusual method, residential leasing.

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Why are modular homes so successful?

Agenthia 03/01/2020

The demand for prefabricated houses is constantly increasing. This is because people are looking for a cheaper alternative to housing in the city center. In addition, modular homes also have additional advantages such as energy efficiency, customization and quick construction. We will look in detail at these key success factors:

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What are the taxes we pay when we sell a property?

Agenthia 27/12/2019

When we sell a property, we will obviously get an economic profit, but we also need to keep in mind that selling a property comes with a number of costs and taxes. This time, we will specify what these taxes are and what are they about. It must be said that all these taxes are negotiable between buyer and seller, although usually the buyer assumes it.

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Holiday rentals: what we must have in mind

Agenthia 20/12/2019

During holidays, more and more people are joining the initiative to rent an apartment instead of staying in a hotel. It is clear that each options has its own advantages and disadvantages, but in today’s post we want to focus on the different factors that we must keep in mind when renting a flat or home during our holidays.

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