Living in a residential area: yes or not?

Agenthia 27/07/2018

Very often, many properties end up congregating within the same area under specific characteristics, known as residential areas or urbanizations. However, many people wonder if it is a right choice or not. We will explain about some advantages that this type of housing presents.

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Accessible homes

Agenthia 20/07/2018

It’s important for the people with reduced mobility to have a house adapted to their needs. Here are some examples to keep in mind if we want to facilitate the daily life of the people who travel with a wheelchair:

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How to manage monthly household expenses

Agenthia 13/07/2018

Control the monthly expenses of a home is as important in times of crisis as in good times. A good management of the domestic economy will avoid surprises and will allow you to be prepared for possible contingencies that may appear. Here are our recommendations:

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