Plants to decorate the interior of a home

Agenthia 24/04/2020

Indoor plants are one of the best options to obtain a perfect environment in any room of our house, they are a very good decoration complement. In addition, according to studies, they have different health benefits such as: creating a relaxed environment, and therefore reducing the level of stress. They also help reduce dust by reducing the dryness of the environment.

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Custom-made furniture advantatges

Agenthia 17/04/2020

Although in the market we find a wide variety of furniture with different sizes and materials, custom furniture is an alternative to consider. The use of space and personalization are some of the characteristics to highlight. It’s true that they can be a little more expensive than standard furniture, but if you think about the advantages ... you can end up betting on them!

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How to sell a luxury home

Agenthia 10/04/2020

One of the differences in putting simple residences and high-end properties up for sale is that first are tied to the world of need. Luxury properties indulge whims more than needs and are more difficult to satisfy buyers.

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Maintenance of an empty house

Agenthia 03/04/2020

What many people tend to think when they leave an empty house is that they will stop having expenses related to it. But maintaining an empty home involves a series of monthly expenses, which add up to a considerable amount at the end of the year. According to various studies and analyzes, it can mean costs of 2000 euros per year. These are some of the expenses:

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