New technologies for home

Agenthia 21/08/2020

Technology offers us new tools every day to make our lives easier. It is increasingly common to use them in our day to day to enjoy the facilities that science offers us. Our surroundings become technological and our home does not have to be less, smart homes have arrived.

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The functions of the real estate agent

Agenthia 07/08/2020

In the real estate sector, the main actor is the real estate agent. This is the person who is dedicated to the sale of properties, visits them and teaches future buyers, takes care of the paperwork of the sale, evaluates the situation of the real estate market, agrees the conditions with the owners, and of course acts as manager and real estate advisor.

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Tips for a quick and easy move

Agenthia 31/07/2020

Making a move is not an easy thing. It is usually an exhausting process that nobody likes. But we can prevent this from happening: with good planning and organization, we will avoid unforeseen events and make the process much faster. Doing things slowly and efficiently will allow you to enjoy the process and have everything ready for the appointed day.

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