Rights and obligations of properties’ owners

Agenthia 25/06/2021

When a lease is established, certain concepts must be clear, which we will tell you about below, for both parties to the contract are protected.

The main rights of the owner are:

  • Set the rent and the conditions of the contract.
  • Claim the proportional part of the deposit in case of damage to the home.
  • Demand that the home be returned as it was delivered.
  • Recover the home in case of extreme need.
  • Claim financial compensation in the event of terminating the contract prematurely.

The main obligations that the owner has are:

  • Return of the deposit if there is no damage to the property.
  • Maintain the lease in case of change of ownership. If a property is acquired with tenants, the rental contract must be maintained with the same conditions. In case of wanting to use the house, the tenant can demand that the continuity be maintained for three months.
  • Allow the tenant to assign the rent to third parties in certain situations.
  • Pay municipal taxes and fees. Although in most cases, the payment of the supplies is paid by the tenant, the fees such as the IBI have to be covered by the owner.

As you can see there are different rights and obligations that both the owner of the property and the tenant have to take into account, in this way both parties will be aware of which parameters they have covered and which are not in case of doubts.

Did you know about these rights and obligations?